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The Army of the Kingdom of Westphalia 1807-1813


This completely revised and updated volume was first published in 1979 and has been out of print since 1984.   This new edition is illustrated with all new colour artwork and selected illustrations from authoritive artists. The Kingdom of Westphalia was a totally new state created by Napoleon following the peace of Tilsit in 1807, and consisted of the previous states of Hanover, Brunswick and Hessen-Kassel. The throne was given to Napoleon's favoured younger brother Jerome, who made his capital at Kassel. The formation of an army was one of the first actions of the new monarch, recruiting from the now unemployed soldiers of Kassel, Hanover and Brunswick.  The army of Westphalia provided 25,000 troops to the Confederation of the Rhine who served honourably in Napoleon's campaigns in Spain, Russia and Germany.  283 pages