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The Army of Naples 1806-1814  W J Rawkins


In 1806, following decisive victories over the allied armies at Austerlitz and over the Neapolitans at Campo Tenese, Napoleon installed his brother, Joseph as King of Naples. When Joseph was sent off to Spain two years later, he was replaced by Napoleon's sister Caroline and his brother-in-law Marshal Joachim Murat, as King of the Two Sicilies. Particularly under the flamboyant rule of Murat the Neopolitan army was colourful in it's dress if rather less so in it's martial reputation.

Last published in 1978 this study of the uniforms of The Army of the Kingdom of Naples 1806-1814 has been completely revised and updated.   Many of the original illustrations have been enhanced or replaced and there are now colour illustrations by both contemporary and new artists.

185 pages.  Fully printable e-book on DVD