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The Army of Italy 1805-1814


The Kingdom of Italy was founded in 1805 from a collection of smaller states in the north of Italy.  The Kingdom was far more than just another satellite state of Imperial France.  Italian regiments and saw action across the whole of Europe, from Italy and Spain to the disastrous Russian campaign in 1812 and in Germany during the final days of Bonaparte's empire during the War of Liberation in 1813-1814.

The orginal paperback edition of this title was published in 1977 and was reprinted 13 times finally going out of print in 1984.  The new e-book edition has been completely rewritten with almost 1,000  colour illustrations, many from contemporary or well known sources and finally uses the original colour illustrations of flags and standards painted by the late Pat Evans in 1976 and never used in the original editions.   Now 389 pages and almost 800 colour illustrations