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Q & A

I welcome comments and suggestions, please feel free to contact me via the CONTACT page. Since launching this site I have received a huge number of e-mails daily.  Here are some of the more common questions and their answers.



Q   When are the Prussian titles being re-published?

     Both of these very popular titles are in the process of being revised.  These subjects in particular are quite

     massive undertakings as much new material has become available since 1989 when communications with the

     former eastern bloc was considerably eased.   I hope that the first book may be brought into the 2016 schedule.


Q.  Why have you chosen to publish the books in e-book format?

A.   I  looked at several options and decided that publishing in paper edition would put the  price of the books out

     of reach for a lot of hobbyists.   A range of 'Collectors' paper editions is being considered for the future.


Q.  What do I get when I order the e-book disc? 

A.  The book is in pdf. format, which can be opened on any pdf. viewer, or using a Kindle type app for larger

      screens.  The format does not work well on hand held devices such as MOBILE 'PHONES due to the number

      of large illustrations.   The disc is a plain unprinted DVD which comes with an optional label, in a paper

      sleeve  to hold down the postage costs and maintain the low price principal.


Q.   Can I just download the book ?

A.    Yes !  From October 2015 you will be able to order a digital download via an e-mail link.


Q.   Can I print from the disc?

A.    Yes.  You can print all or part of the book using your pdf. reader.  You are permitted to print or copy parts of

       the book FOR YOUR OWN USE ONLY.  Distribution of either  copies of the disc or printed or copied material

       from the disc is a  breach of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.  The discs are digitally watermarked

       to prevent commercial copying and distribution.  


Q.    When were these books originally published and are they identical to the original paper editions?

A.     The Armies and Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars series was originally published between 1975 and 1984,

       and the Pocket Uniform Guides between 1972 and 1982.  All the new editions have been revised and

       updated to a great extent and all have new colour and mono illustrations and are much, much larger.

       A list containing most of the original titles can be found on the 'Other Titles' page.


Q.    Which books are being released first?

A.     You can view which titles are currently being being worked on on our 'Coming Soon' page.  Unless I receive

        a lot of feedback asking for a particular title I intend working on the titles which were updated most

        recently for the simple reason that there should be less revision needed.  I wish!   The decision to publish

        both the Naples and Baden titles early in the schedule was totally driven by customer requests.


Q.    I had heard that you had sold the rights to these books to Anschluss Publishing in the 1990's?

A.     Several 'pirated' versions in paper and e-book format have appeared briefly over the years since the series

        went Out of Print in 1984.  At no time has the copyright been sold or transferred or permission given to

        any person or company to publish or copy any part of these works.


Q.     Who are The HMR Group who published some of the paperback books?

A.      The Historical and Military Research Group Ltd was a company based in Maidenhead that I started in the

         early 1970s it was absorbed into W J Rawkins (Military Books) in 1978.


Q.      I visited your military book shop in Norwich some years back.  Is the shop still open?

A.      No.  The shops were closed several years ago, although I continued to sell books via the internet until I

         'officially' retired in 2008, following major heart surgery, and after close to 50 years as a book dealer.


Q.      Why have you decided to bring these books back after nearly thirty years?

A.       It was always my intention to re-publish the series and the project was looked at several times but always

         I was unable to produce a better quality product for a 'hobby money' selling price.  The e-book edition

         seems to fit the principals of providing reliable information, without 'bells and whistles' at an affordable price

         in a format that the modern generation of wargamers appreciate.  I have always continued to receive a lot of

         communications about this series and the decision was very much reader driven.


Q.     Why are your prices on Amazon and e-Bay higher that on the History Book Man website?

A.      Very simple.... there are insertion and sales fees charged to the seller by the big online retailing organisations.

         The History Book Man is our own website and so you are buying direct from the publisher without

         the intermediary costs.