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FOREIGN REGIMENTS IN FRENCH SERVICE 1795-1814 Volume Five: The Polish Legions 1798-1814 was originally published in 1974 and has now been substantially revised and updated with a wealth of new material which was not possible to include in the original edition and covers those Polish legions and regiments with a national origin in former Polish territories which came to see service with the French Armies during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.  The focus of this series is intended to be the ‘Troupes Etrangere’  foreign units in the service of France and therefore does not include many regiments of non-French origin whose homelands were part of ‘greater France’ at the time of creation or were part of the armies of Napoleonic satellite or allied states. The Polish legions and regiments are almost unique in their terms of service which alternated between ‘paid employment’ by various satellite states and the French army proper with some elements eventually becoming part of the Army of the Duchy of Warsaw and others being transferred from Warsaw into French service in the latter years of the Empire.  The scope has been expanded to include some of the other units which were not included in the earlier very brief work.  






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